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而你会花很多时间在国外探索新的城市, 寻找最好的咖啡馆, 让自己沉浸在当地文化中, you're probably looking forward to having a home base through your CEA CAPA 住房. 当你开始计划你的 在国外的时间, it’s important to consider how your living environment abroad may differ from what you’re 用于, 以及这与你的幸福有什么关系. Below are question prompts to get you thinking about your living environment abroad: 

  • 你现在的生活状况如何? 你是和家人住在一起,还是和室友住在一起,住在校园里,还是一个人住? 你在国外的生活情况会有什么不同?
  • What challenges and opportunities do you anticipate with 尊重 to your 住房 abroad? How will you adapt to having roommates, living with a host family, or living by yourself?
  • Think about how your health and well-being needs influence your living environment, 比如过敏, 饮食限制, 或者宗教观察. Do you receive 住房 services or accommodations through your home campus’ accessibility 办公室?



Student 住房 abroad typically looks different than what you may be 用于 in the U.S. 与大多数大学校园不同,CEA CAPA并不拥有或管理学生宿舍. We work within local 住房 networks to carefully identify 住房 partners, vendors, 寄宿家庭可以为学生提供真实的生活体验. This means that in many locations, you have a unique opportunity to live like a local! 住房选择可能包括:

  • 公寓
  • 家庭旅馆
  • 学生宿舍 & Residencias
  • 休息室 & 工作室
  • 延长住宿酒店

以下是CEA CAPA住房可以预见的一些事情:

  • 公寓的大小,布局和设施将有所不同. 真实的生活体验可能意味着缩小规模. 和其他大城市一样,这里的空间非常宝贵. This means, bedroom size, living space, kitchen, and even washing machine may be smaller than you're 用于.
  • Example: many on-campus 住房 facilities use similar layouts for each of their room types. Each type (as listed above) will have its own distinct features, layouts, and amenities.
  • 不管你是住在自己的工作室里, 住在寄宿家庭, 或者与CEA CAPA的同学合租公寓, 在国外的这段时间里,你会经常遇到新朋友. 你的邻居、寄宿家庭或室友 可能有不同的生活方式, 值, 种族或民族背景, 宗教习俗, 或者性别认同. 成为CEA CAPA社区的一员意味着 拥抱多样性 和个人 所有的背景和身份.


  • 餐计划, 如果有, 可能会提供较少的选择, 或者更少的灵活性来适应特定的饮食需求.
  • 例:在美国.S., 某些饮食需求已经变得司空见惯, 导致替代食物的选择很容易获得. 国外的情况可能并非如此. If you have specific needs, consider these when identifying your 住房 preferences and contact your CEA CAPA 顾问 if you have questions about whether your needs can be accommodated in your preferred 住房.
  • Remember to share any health-related dietary needs on your 健康 Information Form and/or in your 住房 application.


  • Living abroad may mean living in a different climate and experiencing different social norms for responding to that climate.
  • 例如:一些CEA CAPA目的地容易出现高湿度的时期. However, air conditioning isn't common given most of the year has cooler months. Although public spaces may have air conditioning, you shouldn't expect this in your program 住房.


  • CEA CAPA坚持以礼貌的态度对待所有的人, 尊重, 和尊严,不歧视任何个人.
  • 你的住宿是你留学经历的重要组成部分, and we encourage you to embrace these differences as a unique opportunity to live like a local! 当然,您还可以通过CEA CAPA现场团队获得支持 你在国外期间有什么住房问题吗.
  • 通勤去上课或你的 在国外宝博体育 可能需要60分钟, 以及大多数CEA CAPA目的地, 依靠公共交通或步行通勤并不罕见 路线.

For more specific information about the 住房 options available in your program location, 查看你的项目网页, 在线门户网站, 或者联系你的导师. 如果你想了解更多关于你的项目住房的信息,或者 如果你有特殊的要求或住宿,你想考虑, please reach out to your CEA CAPA 顾问 as early as possible so we can discuss this with you. 虽然我们永远无法保证住房偏好或住宿要求, 我们越早知道你需要什么,我们就能提供更多的支持和指导.


每个参与者都有责任审查 CEA CAPA参与者政策和社区指南 为最新的信息,因为政策可能会发生变化. 参加CEA CAPA项目,您必须同意遵守CEA CAPA政策.


  • Participants can request specific residential life accommodations during the pre-departure process. 你会得到一张表格, 要求, which you will need to complete and submit along with the required documentation to support the request. CEA CAPA is committed to investigating reasonable accommodations in a program location; however, we cannot guarantee accommodations will be available or met in the same way as on your campus.
  • Participants are responsible for their own dietary needs and are strongly encouraged to share those, 还有过敏吗?, 与CEA CAPA一起填写健康信息表和/或住房申请.
  • Reach out to your CEA CAPA 顾问 to discuss the accommodation you receive on your home campus and/or to connect with a member of the 健康, 安全及学生事务组.


  • CEA CAPA provides helpful pre-departure information and comprehensive orientations upon arrival. 在培训中,参与者将与CEA CAPA的现场工作人员见面, 其他项目参与者, 并接收有关宿主文化的重要信息.
  • Engaging with the culture in your “home away from home” is one of the most enjoyable but sometimes challenging aspects of living in a new culture. CEA CAPA offers a variety of activities and events that can aid in your connection to the 主办城市和文化. 无论是在参加芭蕾舞表演 罗马 或者在有机农场做志愿者 圣荷西,有 适合所有人的东西.


  • From volunteer placements that last the duration of the program to one-off opportunities,有 no shortage of ways to get involved in a cause you're passionate about or help others in need.


  • 烹饪培训班, 足球比赛的, 博物馆的展品, and hiking are just some of the possible experiences that help participants engage with and absorb the culture of their new city.


  • 从一日游到附近的目的地,比如城堡, 酒庄, 咖啡农场, 古色古香的小镇, 去更遥远的地方过夜, participants may choose to engage in an excursion planned by CEA CAPA staff to gain a more holistic perspective 当地文化和项目目的地.


CEA CAPA believes participant success studying abroad is predicated on a participants academic, 情感, 后勤准备. 如前所述, CEA CAPA offers a variety of resources and assistance including comprehensive orientations 出发前. If at any time you need assistance while abroad, onsite staff are available to support. You should never hesitate to reach out to CEA CAPA for yourself or on behalf of your peers.


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